Prof. Kaufmann at Jerash, Jordan, 2007.
New York Institute of Technology, Amman, Jordan, 2008. Computer Graphics students and Prof. Lon Kaufmann.
[Activities and Interests]
Life in Jordan and Bahrain

In 2006 Prof. Kaufmann
joined New York Institute of Technology as Associate Chair and coordinator for the Program in Fine Arts and Computer Graphics on the Amman, Jordan campus. With eighty students and six faculty members the Program follows the curriculum of the New York campus by rooting computer graphics skills in a Fine Arts foundation.

The NYIT program in computer graphics has a distinguished history. The earliest educators were among the first of innovative designers to use the computer as a tool for imaging and animation. In the early 1950's they left New York for California where their leading edge use of the computer could be funded by the movie industry. These NYIT faculty were involved in the early founding of design studios such as Pixar.

The population in Amman is a mix of Palestinian, Iraqii refugees, and indigenous Jordanians. This mix creates a curiously stabilizing factor to local politics and social interactions. Jordan is home to very ancient archealogical sites such as Ain Gahazal, Jerash and Petra. Visits to these sites provided a rich diversion from the challenges of academic life.

In Spring of 2008 faculty needs required a move to the NYIT Bahrain campus where the responsibilities of Program and faculty management continued. Bahrain is home to the ancient Delmun culture but due to its open western attitude to entertainment options it's a favorite destination for neighbors in Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The population profile of Bahrain is similar to that in the neighboring Gulf states. Sunni and Shia muslims share the country with a large Asian population who provide the work force for local business and the construction industry.



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